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I'm from Italy. My favourite band is Editors, I also love Interpol, Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand and many others, I like indie rock ♫ ♫
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ok so here’s the deal! my partner in crime/bfff(that’s best fucking friends 4ever jsyk)/light of my life/etc. aka Teresa has a birthday today so here’s a dumb little gifset 4 u :))))))))))))))))))) u can imagine Tom is doing that little dancey dance for u okkk

i’m keeping this short and sweet so happy birthday again even tho i’ve said this to u for like a 1000 times already but anyways

u r totes the dumbest person in the world and i love u the most and stuff like that <33333 hugs and kissseeesssss dummy

btw i’m soz if i embarrassed u with this but u just have to deal with it ok

Lol I remember this moment XD I love them so much